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      Major Problems with Elevators

      The elevator is maintained once within 15 days or not?

      It is reported that elevator in office building breaks down frequently during operation such as door open button disfunction, a noticeable shaking sensation inside car,

      Even sometimes elevator stopped for unknown reasons. With all kind of breakdown,

      Relevant company or department does obey strictly by maintenance rule of once within 15 days or not.


      The safe operation of elevators involves many parties, Such as developer, property management companies, maintenance company, and owner, all parties must fulfill their responsibilities. The Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations of XXX have long stipulated that elevators should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and checked at least within 15 days.

      The daily maintenance of elevators must be carried out by professional of installation, renovation, maintenance company, or elevator manufacturers licensed according to these regulations (in China). The maintenance company will strictly carry out professional maintenance on elevators within15 days in accordance with the regulations, and elevator breakdown should be dealt with promptly.

      Delayed supply of elevator parts

      An elevator enterprise in Dongguan City said in an interview with the government procurement information newspaper/network reporter that at present, the elevator industry complaints are more concentrated on the problem of timely accessories, users complain that a part of the elevator out of trouble or broken can not be used, elevator enterprises or maintenance company accessories delivery and installation is not timely.

      Formalization of elevators maintenance

      It is reported by user that the elevators in their company building had some minor problems recently, such as cable problems in some elevators and arouse noise during elevator running.

      Reported of the problem to the property management, They promised to find professional to dealt with this. After a few days, the repairman came and inspected the elevator, Elevator are working again. According to the user. However, Elevator breakdown again after short time, this make them so angry.

      The user stated that the problem was not fundamentally to be resolved, they find the property management again, but they always used to say that maintenance had just done, which resulted in the issue being postponed, to some extent this affect passenger personal safety

      In real life and work, There are some phenomena like elevator breakdown, formalization of management and maintenance So as not to be resolved of many problems fundamentally

      Elevator maintenance is not only technical work, but also a service. Maintenance personnel need to be asked good sense of service and communication ability, timely response to the needs of owners, to provide them with quality service. However, if the maintenance staff lack of service attitude, few quality of service, it may cause dissatisfaction of the owner, and even damage the reputation of the company

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